E-Commerce/Retail/Final Mile


Priority 1 is a delivery service provider experienced in developing effective same day solutions. We have the knowledge and driver capacity to service this type of business. 

Priority 1 can tailor a program around your needs, from rush services to same day from your warehouse to your customer. 

Local On-Demand Service Delivery


Local On-Demand Service Types include:

  • Priority Service- Immediately picked-up and delivered.
  • 1-Hour Service- Picked-up and delivered within the hour.
  • 2-Hour Service- Picked-up and delivered within a two hour time frame.
  • 3-Hour Service- Picked-up and delivered within three hours.
  • Same Day Service- Called in before 10 A.M. and delivered by 5 P.M. 
  • Straight Truck services also available.

Distribution & Warehousing


Priority 1 has the ability to provide fulfillment and distribution, we offer efficient and cost-effective solutions to fit your budget. We have a number of customers in the auto parts, printing, office supplies and critical parts markets. We are able to receive materials and provide business order fulfillment on time, every time. Our services include: 

  • Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Pick & Pack
  • Cross Dock
  • Packaging 


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